MDA - Manitoba Dental Association

Manitoba Dental Association

Provincial Regulation/Certification

The Manitoba Dental Association (MDA) is the regulating body of the MDAA. The MDA through the Dental Association Act is empowered to regulate, discipline, and certify all Dental Assistants in the province of Manitoba. As a member of the MDAA you are a member of the MDA.

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CDAA - Canadian Dental Assistants Association

Canadian Dental Assistants Association

National Representation

The Canadian Dental Assistants’ Association (CDAA) provides ongoing national leadership for the Dental Assisting profession, furthering the interests of its member organizations. The CDAA also provides specific benefits to members.

The Mission of the CDAA:

CDAA’s mission is to provide national leadership for the dental assisting profession furthering the interests of its member organizations and advocating on oral issues having national impact.

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The MDAA is a member of the Canadian Dental Assistants Association.  As a member of the CDAA, MDAA members are entitled to the many benefits of being a part of the CDAA, such as the Travel Discount Program.

CDAA Travel Discount Program