Q:  Where do I find my CE points?

A:  You can only access your CE points through the MDA (Manitoba Dentist Association) website www.manitobadentist.ca.

Q:  Why can I not access my CE points through the MDAA website?

A:  The MDA is the regulatory body of the MDAA.  The MDA maintains a continuing education transcript for each registered member based on the information submitted to the MDA.  You can view your transcript at www.manitobadentist.ca.

Q:  How many CE points do I need?

A:  You must obtain a minimum of 36 credit hours during a three year cycle.

Q:  What if I have more than 36 credit hours in a cycle, can I get extra credit?

A:   No, if you obtain more than 36 credit hours in a cycle they are not carried forward.

Q:  Do I have to take any specific courses?

A:  Yes, you are required to take a minimum of 2 credit hours in an approved infection prevention and control activity or programme during a three year cycle.  You are also required to have a valid CPR certificate.

Q:  Where do I find courses to take?

A:  The MDAA offers CE sessions throughout the year, offering at least one infectious control lecture during the year.  You may also find a list of recommended self study courses at https://www.manitobadentist.ca/professional-forms-ce.cfm.

Q:  Can I take a course that is not about dentistry for CE points?

A:  Yes, according to the Bylaw for Continuing Education of Dental Assistants Section IX, 1. a. credit hours are available for participation in non-clinical dental education programs such as practice management, personal development, general nutrition and other profession-related general interest topics.

*a maximum of 12 hours per cycle

Q:  When do I renew/ or register my license?

A:  Licensing deadline is April 30th of each year.

Your payment options:

1) $220.00 paid in full April 30th
2) $120.00 Instalment plan – paid April 30th

$120.00 Instalment plan – paid Sept 15th

*Total for Instalment plan would be $240.00

Q: How do I get a letter of Good Standing ?

A: You have to obtain your Letter of Good Standing from the Manitoba Dental Association (MDA).