Trina Bourgeois - President

I am what you would call a veteran RDA; I have worked in the dental field for 30 years ~ now. I still enjoy all aspects of dentistry and my current job working in an Endodontic practice.  I have upgraded to include the scaling module,  although in endodontic practice I'm not practicing any scaling, haha!

I am certainly not new on the Board of Directors but have enjoyed the various committees I have encountered within the Board in the last 6 years +.  Having this experience is why I decided to put my name in for the President role.  It is a big undertaking but we all need to do our part to manage our association.  It is a great experience and has offered insight into many aspects to the process of our our profession from the inside out.

In my spare time I enjoy camping, traveling (when we can again) as well as motorcycling and vacuuming hair from my beautiful and fun, but hairy dogs!

I feel confident that I can lead the wonderful Board of Directors who offers their time and effort for whatever they are able to manage. It certainly takes a team to do what we do and we are always looking for new team players.

Thank you,

Trina Bourgeois


Heather Brownlee - President Elect

My name is Heather Brownlee and I have been a Dental Assistant for over 40 years graduating from RRC in 1977 with my Phase11 Dental Assisting Diploma, taking my Ortho Module in 1984 and Extended Duties in 2003.  

I became involved in our local and national Dental Assisting Associations 40 years ago serving on the then Winnipeg Dental Assistants Association and Manitoba Dental Assistants Association in many capacities.   I took an extended leave while I was raising my children becoming actively involved in both the MDAA and CDAA in 2007 when RDA’s in Manitoba became licenced under the MDA.    I along with a group of dedicated RDA’s  worked tirelessly to rejuvenate the Manitoba Dental Assistants Association to bring it to professional organization we have today representing RDA’s of Manitoba. 

I have served as a Board Member, President, Past President, and Secretary and presently am the President Elect for MDAA.

I serve as the MDAA Board member to the CDAA and I am presently the President Elect for CDAA.   I also serve on the Knowledge and Transfer Committee and By-Law and Governance Committees for the CDAA.

I am presently one of the CDAA Members on the CDAA. CDHA and CDA Healthy Workplace Group creating resources through a new website to help dental teams develop safe respectful workplace.

In my spare time I curl, bowl and walk for exercise, like knitting and doing different crafts for family and friends and hopefully in retirement will be able to start gardening both flowers and vegetables.  I enjoy spending time with my four grandkids and traveling across Canada by train with my husband to visit our kids who live in Vancouver and Halifax.

Going forward I look forward to represent RDA’s in Manitoba as CDAA advocates to have the Dental Assisting Profession reclassified through the National Occupational Analysis which will give us more recognition for our formal training.   I would also like to see Registered Dental Assistants represented from coast to coast.   


Heather Brownlee


Laura Campbell - Past President

I graduated from the Dental Assisting Program at Tec Voc High School in 1999, and have worked in general practice ever since.

Outside of being an RDA, I am what I would like to call a typical Canadian girl.  Every season has something special to offer me, and I look forward to them all.  The fall brings my trip out to my dads to go hunting, and just spending some quality time with my country family.  It also means a trip to Shooting Star Casino for some good old “girl-time” with my mom.  In winter I enjoy ice fishing, ski-doing, cross country skiing, and snow-shoeing.  Spring may be messy, but I enjoy watching everything wake up and turn green! It also means another trip to Shooting Star Casino with momma bear!  And summer means fishing, camping, and especially sitting around a campfire with friends enjoying a cold beer or a glass of wine.  My summers are spent in the Whiteshell where I can reset for the week ahead, and unwind with friends who have become family.  With all that has happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the stresses that we have all felt during this time, our summer cannot come quick enough!

I have sat on the  Board of Directors for the MDAA for the past 5 years, and have been in the seat of Director,  President Elect, President, and now Past President.  Being a part of this Association has really taught me a lot about our profession, and also about many of the entities in the dental profession as a whole.  This, in return has given me a whole new perspective for our career, and a strong sense of respect, comradery, and community for all involved in giving our fellow Manitobans the best oral healthcare possible.

Stay safe.  Stay strong.  Stay healthy.  And most of all, stay smiling 🙂


Laura Campbell


Pauline Grouette - Treasurer

Hi, my name is Pauline Grouette and I would like to introduce myself as the current Treasurer on the MDAA Board.  This will be my second term as Treasurer, and I held one as Secretary.  There have been many changes during my 4 years on the Board! 

In 2021, I will have worked as a Dental Assistant for 20 years, in specialty and the general sectors, and have held various volunteer positions throughout this time.  Family is very important to me and I see each role as an opportunity to guide and learn in any way possible.  When my children were young I participated on their team Committee’s for hockey and football holding positions of Manager, Treasurer, and Fundraising.  I was also involved with the children’s Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) for several years, with my last position being President for three years.  I found these experiences very rewarding not only for myself and my children, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each parent, student and player involved.  By volunteering it was my way of saying “Thank-you” for helping teach my children the important lessons of teamwork.  This is how I view our Dental Assistant Association, everyone working together for a common goal and valuing any participation.   

What you can expect from me is dedication, honesty and a very strong work ethic that I strive to improve or surpass daily.  I was taught that if you want to make changes in your world, then be a part of that change.  My intention is to have our voices heard in a caring and professional manner. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a genuine, sincere passion for my career and that I give 110% to the field 

I look forward to representing you and helping in any way I can!  Please stay safe and healthy!


Pauline Grouette


Bev Girouard -Secretary

My name is Bev Girouard and I am the Secretary and the newest member of the Board for the Manitoba Dental Assistants Association. I have been a Dental Assistant for over 35 years. I graduated from Keewatin Community College (University College of the North) in 1985. I completed the Orthodontic Module in 1988, and the Dental Assisting Advanced and National Certification from the National Dental Assisting Examining Board in 1998.

I worked in private practice for over 25 years and am currently employed at the Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry where I provide assistance to the students and professional staff in the Main Clinic, Speciality clinic, the Medical Device Reprocessing and Radiology departments as well as the Graduate Pedodontic, Graduate Periodontic and Graduate Prosthodontic clinics.

I have been married to my best friend Henri for over 25 years and have 3 beautiful children Brandon, Sarah and Jordan. The newest addition to our family is Archie our Jack Russel Terrier.  In my spare time I enjoy camping, cycling, cooking, baking, knitting and gardening.  I am no stranger to adversity as my oldest son Brandon has Autism and believe that we need to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.   It is for this reason that I have joined the Board of the Manitoba Dental Assistants Association and can be a strong voice and support for all Dental Assistants across our province.

Kind regards,

Bev Girouard


Tabatha Blais - Director

My name is Tabatha Blais and this will be my 3rd year sitting on the Board as a Director.  I am the representative for the Dental Assistant’s on the Infection Prevention and Control Committee. Infection control in the dental office is very near and dear to my heart and I take this role with the upmost respect when representing all RDA’s in Manitoba.

I graduated in 2007 for CDI College as well as obtained my Orthodontic module as well in 2007 at Red River College. I started my career in a small General Practice office, until 2018, when I decided to pursue an opportunity within a Periodontal/Prosthodontic office where I am currently the office manager.  Being an office manager, I am finding myself enrolling in all different types of seminars which benefits me in all aspects of the dental field. I always find myself eager to learn more!

When I’m not at the office or on Zoom calls, you can find me renovating, hiking, relaxing at the cabin and spending much needed quality time with my family and friends.


Kelly Reilly - Director

Hi, my name is Kelly and I have been a Dental Assistant for 29 years graduating from Red River College in 1991, taking the Advanced Skills and obtaining National Certification from the National Dental Assisting Examining Board in 2000. In 2006 I completed the Scaling Module and was a Clinical Assistant to the instructor in subsequent modules at CDI College. I am currently assisting in private practice with all scopes of general dentistry as well as Perio Surgery, Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics.

I joined the MDAA Board of Directors in 2018 serving on the CE committee.  I believe CE to be an important part of our profession. I am committed to organize presentations that are educational, interesting and relevant. In 2019 I served on the National Occupational Analysis Steering Committee, developing the Canadian Dental Assisting National Survey.  Being a part of these committees has helped me understand and appreciate the importance of the Provincial and National Associations with respect to enhancing our profession. My goal is to assist other RDAs to understand the importance and to promote and encourage involvement from the membership.

Outside of my professional life you will find me cycling, gardening, learning to golf, twirling, xc skiing and practicing yoga.


Kelly Reilly


Pam Mikos - Director

Hello, my name is Pamela Mikos.  I’ve been a Dental assistant since 2007 when I graduated from Calgary.  I moved to Winnipeg in 2009 and have enjoyed being an assistant.

Over the years I have assisted in almost every specialty and love everything about it! In 2019 I joined the MDAA Board of directors. I’m on the Fluoride committee and the CDI Advisory committee.

I have 2 young children and am currently working close to full time. I love this city and look forward to meeting more people in the future!


Jessica Derksen - Director

Hello!  My name is Jessica,  I  have worked in the dental community for almost 10 years since graduating from Red River College in 2012.  I work at a child-focused office and truly enjoy working with children, it is equally challenging and rewarding. 

I am a new member of the board and look forward to assisting in developing the profession of Dental Assisting. I am honoured to join the board and ensure growth for the current and future generations of Dental Assistants. I am dedicated to this profession and it is a great privilege to be involved. 

In my spare time, I love the outdoors, I play softball in the summer and enjoy weekends at the lake with my husband and our dog Hunter. I enjoy spending time with family and friends in pretty much any way possible. 


Marta Bhopalsingh - Director

My name is Marta Bhopalsingh.  I graduated from RRC in 2005.  I have been an  RDA for 16 years now.  I enjoy all aspects of dentistry.  I've worked in general practice, Perio (private practice and at the Dental College) and now I'm at Graduate Prosthodontics department at the College of Dentistry. 

I'm a mother of two  kids. Jacob is 11 and Julia is 9. Our kids are pretty active doing Folk Polish Dance, swimming, Saturday Polish School  and what not. In our spare time we love going hiking specially Whiteshell .  

I would love to take this opportunity and say thank you for welcoming me to the MDAA Board of Directors. I'm looking forward to helping out to make Dental Assisting greater than it is.


Heather Kinsman                              Chief Executive Officer

My name is Heather Kinsman and I am the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the MDAA.  I have been honored to hold this position (under various titles) for about 3 years now.  I came to the MDAA with an administrative and client services background acquired over two decades in various industries, ranging from television and film, travel, and architecture and design.

It has been really exciting to see and be a part of all the great changes happening with your member services association!   In the last few years we have been able to bring you; a completely overhauled and interactive website, the introduction of the RDA of the Month,  introduction of newly added exclusive members benefits including HUB suite of discounts, the upcoming quarterly Newsletter.  Most recently the newly introduced, and we are so excited, MDAA Awards.  Together with your MDAA Board of Directors, I am committed to the increased benefits and value that is held with your membership.

Should you ever have a question or concern please feel free to contact me at the MDAA office.  I will do my best to help you seek answers and/ or solutions.  In the last few years I have had the pleasure to meet and speak with many of our membership and I look forward to meeting so many more of you.  I love to put a face to a name and hopefully soon this will be part of every day life again.

Yours truly,

Heather Kinsman

2021 Board Vacancies

We are always looking for great RDA’s to represent the MDAA!  If you have an expressed interest in joining the Board, please send a short bio to the MDAA office no later than 30 days prior to the MDAA AGM scheduled for 2021

In addition to the Board of Directors the MDAA has many positions that require the dedication of volunteer personnel.  If you have interest in volunteering your time at a CE Session, AGM or would like to attend an MDAA meeting, please let us know.

The roles filled by volunteers play an important part in improving and maintaining the ongoing growth of the profession as well as serving the membership and their needs.