The MDA is the regulating body of the MDAA. All licensing renewal or initial application for license is done solely through the MDA at

Annual Registration Fee Breakdown

* March 2017

MDA 47%
MDAA 25%
CDAA 17%
Malpractice Insurance 8%
CDAC Fee 3%

Registration Due Date
April 30th in year of renewal

Annual Registration Fee (2 payment options)

Single Payment

$240.00 – paid in full on or before April 30th of year of renewal

Installment Payment

$130.00 – 1st Payment 30thApril of year of renewal

$130.00 –2nd Payment 15th September of year of renewal

* Please note if you have already made a payment and would like it voided, the MDA will be able to do that ONLY if your payment has not been processed through the bank.