Natalie St. James

Natalie graduated in 1995 from the Tech Voc/Red River College Registered Dental Assisting Program.  Throughout her career she has worked primarily with youth and special needs individuals showing a high level of commitment to her patients and fellow team members. Through the years Natalie has helped make sure dozens of student RDAs got  their careers off on the right foot by mentoring them in their practicums.  She also serves as a great role model of professionalism to her RDA peers.

Natalie is a Clinical Manager at Rivertrail Dental Centre where she has been a crucial part of the office’s success for over 26 years. Her co-workers enjoy her positive attitude and “can-do” spirit while her employer appreciates how she can convincingly pretend to laugh at the same lame jokes she’s heard many many times before. Literally nothing can stand in Natalie’s way when a job needs to get done – her special combination of talent and effort helps her overcome any challenges in her way.

Outside of the office, Natalie enjoys spending time with friends, family and her dogs.    She is an avid sports fan and, when playing herself, a fierce competitor

with a kind heart.

In the words of her employer Dr. Sul :   “ Natalie is  the exact type of high performing– low maintenance team member every dentist dreams of.    I have the utmost respect for Natalie both as an RDA and as a person.        She isn’t just a stellar example of what every RDA should aspire to, she’s a great example for all of us. “