Lindsay Mensforth

Lindsay Mensforth joined my office as an RDA several months ago after working for about 3 years in the field. For the duration of her career as an RDA, Lindsay worked at several dental offices, searching for that elusive “perfect fit” and honing her skills, and I am beyond happy she chose Affinity Dental as her new work home. From day one Lindsay became a true and integral part of our office team and I hope to never have to look for someone to “fill her shoes”. (Exceptions will most definitely be made for a maternity leave :))

Anyone who ever worked in the dental field knows the daily struggles of a dental office; busy schedule, unhappy or anxious patients, equipment malfunctions… and on occasion moody co-workers. Dealing with all the above can be challenging, to say the least. However, where many would give up, Lindsay perseveres and succeeds.

When Lindsay joined our office, she brought with her an invaluable set of qualities that unfortunately are getting scarce nowadays. Lindsay is a punctual and reliable employee with great attention to detail. She takes responsibility for her actions and not afraid to ask for help when things don’t work out as planned.

However, likely the most important quality is that Lindsay doesn’t only care about her job in the direct sense of it; she cares about our office, her colleagues and our patients.

Along with excellent skill set and positive attitude, Lindsay’s commitment and work ethics are beyond expectation and, from my perspective as an employer and a past RDA, make her a great role model for future generations of RDAs.

I truly believe Lindsay is a great assistant. Hope you can appreciate this through my short write up and select her to be an RDA of the month!


written by
Dr. Artiom Margolin