Due to COVID - 19 - Licensing and CE Requirements have changed

Helpful Hints

  • You DO NOT need to re-apply - Use the form that was mailed out March 6th, 2020
  • Applications can be submitted NOW or by the NEW deadline (September 30, 2020) - if you submit and pay now you will receive your license now.
  • If payment is made in September 2020, There will be NO  two-payment option
  • License Renewal will still be April 30th
  • The MDA will follow up with CE and CPR Requirements

* Please note if you have already made a payment and would like it voided, the MDA will be able to do that ONLY if your payment has not been processed through the bank.

The MDA is the regulating body of the MDAA. All licensing renewal or initial application for license is done solely through the MDA at www.manitobadentist.ca.

Annual Registration Fee Breakdown

* March 2017

MDA 47%
MDAA 25%
CDAA 17%
Malpractice Insurance 8%
CDAC Fee 3%

Registration Due Date
April 30th in year of renewal

Annual Registration Fee (2 payment options)

Single Payment

$220.00 – paid in full on or before April 30th of year of renewal

Installment Payment

$120.00 – 1st Payment 30thApril of year of renewal

$120.00 –2nd Payment 15th September of year of renewal