Beverly Porcalla

We are proud to introduce Beverly Porcalla as our RDA of recognition for the month of November!

A graduate of CDI college in 2012.  Beverly's compassion and overwhelming desire to work with the marginalized, underserved community led her to choose employment in an inner city organization.

Since her graduation in 2012 Beverly has been with  the Siloam Mission working in the Saul Sair Health Center as a full time Dental Assistant and Administrative Assistant.  The clinic serves to provide dental and health care to homeless woman and men that count on Siloam Mission for food, clothing and shelter.

Located within Siloam Mission the Saul Sair Health Center provides dental and health care provided solely by volunteer professionals.

Beverly has proven to be the most dedicated , reliable and knowledgeable employee "anybody would be proud to have in their employ" and thus was promoted to Clinic Supervisor to oversee not only the day to day operations of the dental clinic but of the entire clinic with its eight different health care disciplines.

In the words of Beverly's employer " I could not think of anybody more deserving than Beverly to be  recognized as an outstanding member of her profession".  We at the MDAA echo those sentiments and are extremely proud of Beverly's accomplishments and the way she gives back to the community through her profession and expertise.