Denise Krebs

"My work friends I have made over the years have become like family, supportive and caring as we journey through life together"


In the chilly and oh so snowy month of February we would like to take the time recognize Denise Krebs for being a long time and exceptional RDA!

Denise's has been an RDA for an amazing 39 years!  After attending Providence College for a year Denise's love for working and helping people lead her to Dental Assisting.

Upon graduation in 1983 she started her career with Dr. Marty Greenfeld, whom she worked with full time for 10 years, and many additional years part time.  She is extremely grateful to Dr. Greenfeld whom she says "taught me to not only be the best Dental Assistant but pushed and challenged me and taught me life lessons, that I am ever grateful for"

 Denise left private practice after the birth of her son Brayden in 1993.  Finding a change in circumstances she found herself returning back to the work force.  Asked by one of her instructors (Joanne Shields) if she would like to work at the Dental College, Denise accepted the offer and 29 years later you can still find her there!  Working at the college, Denise found a diversity in jobs where "it has never been boring".  She credits the diversity of the different jobs with being able to grow and learn new skills as not only as an RDA but in life.  Working in many different departments she has had the opportunity to "meet many great patients student, and staff over the years"

In her spare time Denise enjoys working out, running, cycling , skiing, baking, watching sports, traveling and taking sunset pictures.  She has even opened her home to help Korean children and other family members.  She loves hanging out with friends, family and her partner at the lake which she calls her "happy place.