Kristina Velasco

"I enjoy educating and creating a positive experience for patients"

Starting our year off for 2022 for our RDA of the month is Kristina Velasco.  With so much going on in the world and so many things different than we know or are used to, one thing is for certain, RDAs will always be an integral part of the dental team that we are happy to recognize anytime we can!

Kristina is an alumni of CDI college completing her education and training there graduating in 2017.  You will presently find Kristina at City Place Dental where she keeps the office in order and helps others without hesitation.  Always looking to expand her knowledge of the industry she loves to learn new things in the field of dentistry.  Kristina passes this knowledge along as she enjoys educating and creating a positive experience for patients.

When not at the office Kristina enjoys boxing, video games and spending time with her dog Ryu (as pictured above).  We could not mention Kristina’s interests without mentioning BTS she is “the biggest BTS fan you will ever meet”.