Chantal Roeleveld

As we celebrate ALL RDAs this month.  The MDAA is especially pleased to announce Chantal Roeleveld as the MDAA's RDA of the Month for March 2021!

Chantal has been an RDA for over 19 years now!  She completed and obtained her Certificate in Dental Assisting in 2001 at Red River College.  Furthering her knowledge and education Chantal completed the Orthodontic and Scaling module.  Chantal worked as a Dental Assistant in private practice for nineteen years, where she utilized and built on her acquired skills.

Chantal's broad experience and passion for her career as an RDA has led her to return back to Red River college to pursue her vocation as a full time instructor.  Lending her expertise and acquired knowledge through years of experience in the industry, Chantal helps to train and instruct aspiring Dental Assistants. 

In her free time, Chantal enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  She leads a busy lifestyle and loves all the challenges it brings!