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Kathy Purves

Presentation: (10:00 - 1200pm)

IPAC Best Practices 2022


Kathy Purves spent 17 years in the dental field as a dental assistant, working in different provinces.  She obtained her B.A. from the University of Manitoba, and a B.Sc. from the University of Winnipeg.  Kathy has been with Germiphene, a Canadian company, for more than 25 years.  Germiphene, based out of Brantford, Ont., is committed to excellence in Infection Control for the healthcare field.  Kathy has used her dental and science background to her advantage, speaking on relevant information regarding Infection Prevention and Control guidelines, around the world.  She has lectured to dental professionals in Africa, Southeast Asia, South Pacific and Europe. Regsiter below.

        IPAC Best Practices 2022

Understanding of why good IPAC documents are “living documents”

Understanding importance of staying relevant in IPAC

New IPAC information relating to dentistry

Changes in IPAC Best Practices between 2006 and 2022

How to implement and importance of implementation

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